I Published a Book!

My latest project, of which I am just a little bit proud, was publishing a book.

Well, sort of.

Originally I had an assignment for a document design class I took at Grand Valley. I had to edit, design, and publish a book on Lulu.com, an independent, online publishing/printing site. I was pretty excited about the prospect of being a published editor (it counts, okay?) and decided to go above and beyond to create something I would actually put on my bookshelf.

It has been a couple months since that class ended, but I finally got around to making some changes and ordering a hard copy of my book. (It feels super cool to say MY book, as in, something I created. Can you tell I am geeking out about this?)

So, here it is. This is just a picture I snapped on my phone, but you can find the book here. There is a preview option available, where you can see the full cover and a bit of the inside, including the intro.


This is pretty short at 118 pages, as I was rather particular about which stories should be included. It is available for sale, because I figured family and possibly some friends might want it, but I’m not exactly expecting to profit from it. Publishing this and having it available for people to order just feels more official.

Lastly, I hope this helps someone discover or rediscover what a joy it is to read Oscar Wilde. His stories are often ironic, and his writing style is one of my favorites. As always, if anyone has feedback, it is more than welcome.

A quick note: I used Indesign and Microsoft Word to make the book, and other copyright information is on the copyright page. Also, the preview function on Lulu shows the text slightly cut off. I can verify, having a hard copy, that it doesn’t actually print this way.



Networking: PRSSA

I have involved myself in several networking events this semester at Grand Valley, but I am writing about the first one because it was essentially the catalyst for everything else I attended.

You can read elsewhere on my website that I am studying Writing, with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations (APR). At the start of the semester, a previous classmate of mine sent me an email, inviting me to come to a GV PRSSA meeting. Since I was just starting my first two APR classes, and the networking event would give me class credit for one of them, I thought I’d go see what it was like.

I sat down next to Kyra, who told me it was only her second meeting, so we were kind of in the same boat. She agreed to take a selfie with me after I told her about the networking requirement for my class:


Photo by Adrienne Cooley (January 25, 2017)

The speaker for this meeting was from Goodwill, and through her stories, I learned quite a bit about PR in nonprofits and crisis management. I also found out that the professor associated with PRSSA shares my name (spelled the same way, too). After the meeting, I introduced myself to her, and she in turn introduced me to Jaclyn, the CEO of GrandPR, and later GrandPR’s firm editor, Nicole, among others. After this meeting, I went to PRSSA every week. I got to know Nicole and started helping her edit blogs and run social media, started going to GrandPR meetings, and found a plethora of other opportunities offered by PRSSA.

Had I not started going to PRSSA, I would not have met all of these wonderful people, or found the opportunities that I did. Remember Kyra, the first person to whom I introduced myself? We’ve become friends since that first meeting, and a couple of weeks ago, I even edited her blog post for GrandPR.

Long story short, this networking event shaped the rest of my semester, and probably the rest of my student career.


For the Adobe Photoshop assignment, I chose a picture I took of my dog, Moose on my DSLR. This was taken at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Lansing, MI, one of my favorite places to go for walks and bring my camera.

The original picture is the one in color. Changing the photo from color to black and white fulfilled the requirement for applying a filter, even thought it technically isn’t one. I also adjusted the brightness of colors in the black and white settings, because I wasn’t happy with the default black and white. I chose to remove two parts of the photo. The first and most obvious, is Moose’s leash. I decided it was distracting, so I removed it and filled its place in with more fur. The second part removed was a headstone in the background. It contrasted with the trees behind it, taking attention away from the subject of the photo. I also adjusted the levels and cropped the photo a bit.