Social Media Management

While running the Twitter page for GrandPR, Grand Valley’s nationally affiliated, student run PR firm, I got pretty familiar with Hootsuite, a social media management tool. Because I was already comfortable with this, I decided to try out Tweetdeck for my personal Twitter page. I used it to schedule several tweets: a couple about finals week, one about the book I’m currently working on (more on this later), one about this blog, and one showing an example of my photography. My goal with these tweets was to communicate my personal brand and personality in a way that would be relatable to my followers, who are mostly my age.

Cooley, A. (April 20, 2017). Screenshots of Tweetdeck [JPEG]. Retrieved from

I’m glad I tried out Tweetdeck. It is super convenient in that there isn’t really a sign-up process. It simply connected directly to my Twitter page. If I decide to schedule tweets in the future for my personal page, I will likely continue to use it. On the other hand, I think I’ll stick with Hootsuite for pages that aren’t mine, as I find it easier to use for that purpose. Of course, that could just be biased since I started with Hootsuite first.

Through this process, I discovered that social media management tools aren’t only useful for professional pages for PR. It can help a lot with personal social media and maintaining a consistent online presence.


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