Networking: PRSSA

I have involved myself in several networking events this semester at Grand Valley, but I am writing about the first one because it was essentially the catalyst for everything else I attended.

You can read elsewhere on my website that I am studying Writing, with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations (APR). At the start of the semester, a previous classmate of mine sent me an email, inviting me to come to a GV PRSSA meeting. Since I was just starting my first two APR classes, and the networking event would give me class credit for one of them, I thought I’d go see what it was like.

I sat down next to Kyra, who told me it was only her second meeting, so we were kind of in the same boat. She agreed to take a selfie with me after I told her about the networking requirement for my class:


Photo by Adrienne Cooley (January 25, 2017)

The speaker for this meeting was from Goodwill, and through her stories, I learned quite a bit about PR in nonprofits and crisis management. I also found out that the professor associated with PRSSA shares my name (spelled the same way, too). After the meeting, I introduced myself to her, and she in turn introduced me to Jaclyn, the CEO of GrandPR, and later GrandPR’s firm editor, Nicole, among others. After this meeting, I went to PRSSA every week. I got to know Nicole and started helping her edit blogs and run social media, started going to GrandPR meetings, and found a plethora of other opportunities offered by PRSSA.

Had I not started going to PRSSA, I would not have met all of these wonderful people, or found the opportunities that I did. Remember Kyra, the first person to whom I introduced myself? We’ve become friends since that first meeting, and a couple of weeks ago, I even edited her blog post for GrandPR.

Long story short, this networking event shaped the rest of my semester, and probably the rest of my student career.


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