Video Editing


This project was definitely the most time-consuming and challenging we have had this semester. I first made a storyboard for my video to get an idea of what to record. I had three main ideas for scenes, so my storyboard has three parts. While editing the video, however, I decided to switch the first two.cap-105-storyboard

Planning and filming was the easy part. Once I started trying to use Final Cut Pro (keyword here: trying), I found that it is a useful, but rather complicated tool. I took thorough notes on how to use the software, but ended up running into some issues that were not discussed in class. First, my files would not import to FCP, so after a lot of Googling, I found an online file converter that was free and didn’t require downloading software. After I imported my files, I realized the playback audio was beeping constantly. So I had to Google how to make that stop (sequences>render only>mixdown worked for me).

At last I was able to stop troubleshooting and start the fun part-trimming videos and adding transitions and text. I was going to try to add music, but whatever I was doing was not working. Overall, I think this video is alright for my first time not only using FCP, but video editing in general. Below is the screenshot of my FCP timeline.


A couple of the files “went offline” because I closed the program, remembered I had to take a screenshot, then reopened it. 

Here is the video:


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