Brand Infographic


Today I used to create an infographic depicting my personal brand. We had the option to use, but we saw an example of piktochart in class, and that caught my attention first.

My brand revolves around loving words and photography. I also love listening to and playing music, so I decided to add that in as well. The infographic shows the genres in which I enjoy writing, my favorite activities, and some details on those activities. It also has a picture of me.

I’m glad I made this infographic for a couple reasons. First, it was nice to be able to show my personal brand and give more information about myself. Second, it was cool to learn about infographics, how to make them, and how to use the site. If I need to create something similar in the future, I know where to go and how to do so. I think that will prove to be useful at some point.



One thought on “Brand Infographic

  1. I enjoyed making my infographic too, it was a very unique way to explain information in an easy way, rather than a block of text. I love how you kept the color scheme of your infographic in line with the color scheme or your blog page. Very visually appealing.

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