Brand Yourself!


Creating a personal brand is pretty important for young professionals trying to get a foot in the door. It is what sets a person apart from many other people with likely very similar resumes. is one way to assist in the process of creating a personal, recognizable brand image.

After creating a free account, I was able to see Google’s search results for my name. I had to mark all of the results as “not me,” so I knew my score would be less than satisfactory. It was worse (see below).


Cooley, A. (February 2, 2017). Brand Yourself Report Card Screenshot (JPEG). Retrieved from


Alright, so clearly I have a lot of room for improvement. The first option I had on this website was to add links that I could then “boost.” I decided to add my Twitter and Linkedin pages, as well as this website. I then followed some of the recommendations for boosting my sites. For Linkedin, I added an interests section and updated my summary. For my website I made sure my name was the title of the site, and that location and education information were provided. I was able to improve my points for each site, however, it will take some time before I will have good search optimization. As an Ad & PR minor, I hope I can achieve this relatively quickly, as being searchable helps immensely in this industry.


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